Professional data for the amateur player

BaseballCloud allows players from all over the country to consolidate data from their performance into a centralized location. This allows players, coaches and scouts to efficiently track, compare, and view the players’ results.

BaseballCloud offers products tailored for different types of users

  • Players are able to create their own profile on BaseballCloud to track their data and further their playing careers.
  • Players can compare themselves to everyone in the BaseballCloud network as well as Major Leaguers
  • Sign-up is free and easy, giving players immediate access to their summarized data.
  • For $10/month, premium users have a wealth of automated, in-depth analysis at their fingertips
  • Teams are set up with a personalized portal, enabling them to take advantage of the full library of charts and analysis that BaseballCloud has to offer
  • Dedicated support staff is provided to ensure timely and accurate uploading of recorded data
  • Teams have full access to BaseballCloud and its network of players
  • The data for all players and teams associated with a BaseballCloud Team account is completely privatized to be used at the team's discretion
  • Email us at for pricing
  • Facility Managers are able to take advantage of our unique platform that was specifically designed to aggregate a facility’s players and their data in to one convenient location.
  • Facilities can upload their own data through a unique portal, giving them access to practice reports within minutes of the end of a session
  • A customized dashboard makes for easy navigation and analysis
  • Email us at for pricing

Hear what others in the baseball community are saying about data in the amateur game

Jim Hickey
Pitching Coach, Chicago Cubs
After hearing how colleges view their data, I have a greater appreciation of the software provided to me at the MLB level. Without software, I really don’t think I would have any idea what to do with all that data. BaseballCloud is going to make a lot of coaches' job easier.
Jose Bautista
MLB Outfielder
All of this information is going to lead to new research, and all that research is going to lead to new methods not only at a professional level but the amateur level for the next generation. It is going to be a great advantage for these kids.

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