Professional data for the amateur player

BaseballCloud allows players from all over the country to consolidate data from their performance into a centralized location. This allows players, coaches and scouts to efficiently track, compare, and view the players’ results.

Baseball Cloud Profile

BaseballCloud is now live!

As of June 2nd, players can create profiles on BaseballCloud. Our first data will be coming from Florida Scoutball in Auburndale, FL. Please check back in and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates.

Use advanced data to help take your game to the next level

Spreadsheets and numbers can be scary. BaseballCloud helps players understand what the numbers mean. Our goal is to help players develop their current skills and find a successful route to further their career.

Common features

  • Automated charts to analyze what the data says about your skills

  • Site-wide networking capabilities and comparisons to other members and MLB/College players

  • Aggregated data sets to view all your performances and how you improve over time

Hear what others in the baseball community are saying about data in the amateur game

John Hart
Former MLB GM
The way MLB front offices have evaluated and developed players has changed massively in the past few years. Every decision made is backed by data, and this has given the edge to those who can effectively use it to their advantage.
Jose Bautista
MLB Outfielder
All of this information is going to lead to new research, and all that research is going to lead to new methods not only at a professional level but the amateur level for the next generation. It is going to be a great advantage for these kids.